What Good is the Chip Brush Anyway?

By Brian Thornton

Ah, the lowly chip brush, the completely neglected step-child of every manufacturing operation with a saw. It doesn’t matter whether you run a high-production cold saw or production bandsaw, many facilities treat the chip brush like the appendix. No one is quite sure why it’s there, and they ignore it until it causes them pain whereby, they promptly remove it.

The chip brush is not a vestigial organ for your saw though, it’s just as critical as having the right number of teeth in the cut. Here are three reasons why you should be paying attention to your chip brush and changing it regularly.

1 - Cost Per Cut

Let’s say you have a saw with a 9” cutting capacity. You’re going to need one heck of a blade to cut that large diameter material. At 750mm or almost 30”, you’re going to want to make sure your cost per cut keeps making you and your company money. At close to $700 a pop, why wouldn’t you invest in replacing the chip brush? After all, it will run you around $40. If you don’t make the investment, your blade will still cut, but not the way it’s designed to.

2 - Surface Finish

If that simple cost-benefit analysis didn’t make the case, then consider that when chips build up in your gullet, they can fuse to the cut surface of your material. The whole point of a cold saw is that the heat evacuates into the chip, this means if your chip brush is not engaged and that chip doesn’t leave the gullet of your blade, you run the risk of that hot chip re-entering your cut. Instead of the heat leaving your cutting area, it will build up and negatively impact your performance over time.

3 - Blade life

If it wasn’t clear already, the chip brush is there to extend the life of your blade. It’s true that the blade will continue to cut, but if you don’t change and adjust your chip brush, you are leaving tool life on the proverbial table. I don’t see my job as selling the highest number of blades to my customers, I want to sell the right number of blades to my customers. The more cuts you get and the more stable your application means all of us can sleep easy at night, and you’re not going to be interested when my competition comes a-knockin.

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About the Author

Brian Thornton is a professional saw blade expert at Pat Mooney Saws. As an Account Manager, he specializes in metal cutting and finding the best sawing solutions for his clients.