Ideal for Applications in the Following Industries:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Fastener and Bolt Manufacturers
  • Forging
  • Machine Shops
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Steel Service Centers
  • Sawing Houses/Service Shops
  • Tube and Steel Suppliers

PMI Panther H-500S


The PMI Panther H-500S is a dual-column, horizontal bandsaw with fully automatic operation.  It comes standard with an NC Control and a user-friendly touchscreen. The touchscreen control allows for easy job setup and access to diagnostic information. The feed rate and material indexing are servo-controlled.  Both systems have a servo motor with an encoder, servo drive, and ball screw. The feed rate is entered into the touchscreen control so that the operator can set a precise cutting rate. By fully controlling the feed rate, the machine can run at higher cutting rates by utilizing carbide-tipped saw blades on carbon or hard-to-cut materials. The indexing shuttle vise is driven by a servo providing faster material indexing and more accurate cut lengths.

The H-500S has a round sawing capacity of 20”.  It uses a 2” wide band saw blade, weighs a little over 10,000 lbs., and is built to cut large sections of material.  The machine’s heavy-duty construction, servo-controlled cutting rate, 22 HP Saw Motor, and easy-to-use control make it the ideal machine for any shop cutting larger bars.   

Standard Equipment:

  • NC 5.7” touchscreen control for setting length of cut and number of cuts on multiple jobs
  • Power driven chip brush
  • Hydraulic blade tension control
  • Multiple shuttle strokes
  • Idler wheel motion detector
  • Split front vise
  • Floating shuttle vise system
  • High Efficiency Servo Motor with Gearbox – Saw Motor
  • Feed Rate is Servo Controlled with a Ball Screw                                  
  • Out of material alarm
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Variable speed drive with inverter
  • Unique 2 way carriage vise jaw
  • Work light and spray hose for machine cleaning
  • Auto head-elevation and rapid approach
  • Full stroke cylinder for front and rear vise
  • Auto kerf loss compensation

Bonus Equipment:

  • 7’ Roller Table                                                                     
  • One bimetal blade

Technical Data:

Material Shape Cutting Capacity Bundle
Round 20” -
Square/Rectangle 20” H  x 20” W 10-5/8” H x 19-5/8” W
Blade Size 20’9” x 2” x .063”
Blade Speeds Variable 33 to 528 FPM
Blade Motor 22 HP (Servo Motor)
Servo Motor 1.5kw
Dimensions 95” W x 81” L x 96” H
Gross Weight 10,208 LBS
Hydraulic Motor 3 HP
Coolant Motor 1/4 HP