PMI Panther H-500S


The PMI Panther H-500S fully automatic horizontal double column band saw with NC touchscreen control offers high performance sawing capability where production, accuracy and ease of set up are of importance. The saw is ideal for machine shops and metal service centers that cut a wide variety of materials up to 20” in diameter. The feed rate is controlled by a servo motor with a ball screw so the operator can set a precise chip load on the touchscreen. This allows the machine to run carbide tipped saw blades and saw hard-to-cut materials. The servo feed rate cutting control system provides feed back so the cutting rate can be automatically adjusted to ensure optimal cutting conditions. This feature will provide faster cutting performance and while maintaining saw blade life.

Standard Equipment:

  • NC 5.7” touchscreen control for setting length of cut and number of cuts on multiple jobs
  • Power driven chip brush
  • Hydraulic blade tension control
  • Multiple shuttle strokes
  • Idler wheel motion detector
  • Split front vise
  • Floating shuttle vise system
  • High Efficiency Servo Motor with Gearbox – Saw Motor
  • Feed Rate is Servo Controlled with a Ball Screw                                  
  • Out of material alarm
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Variable speed drive with inverter
  • Unique 2 way carriage vise jaw
  • Work light and spray hose for machine cleaning
  • Auto head-elevation and rapid approach
  • Full stroke cylinder for front and rear vise
  • Auto kerf loss compensation

Bonus Equipment:

  • 7’ Roller Table                                                                     
  • One bimetal blade

Technical Data:

Material ShapeCutting CapacityBundle
Square/Rectangle20” H  x 20” W10-5/8” H x 19-5/8” W
Blade Size20’9” x 2” x .063”
Blade SpeedsVariable 33 to 528 FPM
Blade Motor22 HP (Servo Motor)
Servo Motor1.5kw
Dimensions95” W x 81” L x 96” H
Gross Weight10,208 LBS
Hydraulic Motor3 HP
Coolant Motor1/4 HP