PMI Panther BSS-360 AR

Standard Features & Equipment:

  • Easy-to-use keyboard control with a 7 inch color touchscreen.
  • Rotation of the saw head is powered and FULLY Automatic.
  • In the automatic cycle, the saw head will rotate 60 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right. The powered saw head is driven by a servo drive.
  • Gear driven saw motor.
  • Saw blade speed is inverter controlled for infinitely variable speeds
  • The feed rate is fully hydraulic.
  • The operator has full control of the cutting rate by adjusting the control valve on the control panel.
  • The control will hold up to 200 programs.
  • When programming the machine, the operator enters the required cut length(s), angle(s), and quantities.
  • The saw head is equipped with fast approach.
  • Material is indexed to the cut length via hydraulic gripper vise.
  • The length is indexed is controlled by an encoder.
  • The shuttle vise and fixed saw vise are fully hydraulic so the part is securely clamped.
  • The Blade Brush is driven via motor and gear box.

Technical Data:

Cutting Capacity0 Degree45 Degree (left)  45 Degree (right)60 Degree (left)







4” x 9”

4” x 9”

4” x 9”

4-1/3” x 6”


9” x 9”


9” x 9”

Blade Size10’4” x 1” x 0.035
Blade SpeedInverter: 52 to 396 FPM
Saw Motor Power3 HP
Shuttle Stroke51″
Table Height37”
Foot Print123” x 87”
Weight3,190 lbs.