Ideal for Applications in the Following Industries:
  • Agricultural and Mining Equipment
  • Automotive Tier 1/2/3 suppliers
  • Forging
  • Heavy Truck and Trailer Manufacturers
  • Machine Shops
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Sawing Houses/Service Shops
  • Steel Service Centers
  • Tube Mills and Tube Suppliers
  • Weapon, Gun and Accessories Manufacturing

NHC-180/200 Series (7 inch Cutting Capacity)

High Speed Circular Sawing Machines

Massive and Rigid Construction – NHC-180/200
Machine Weight 15,432 lbs

Z-Cutting Axis:

45 Degree Wedge Cutting Axis with Linear Rails allows blade guides fixed closer to bar and keeps chips away from the saw spindle/hub. The Ball Screw Servo Control of the Cutting Axis allows for independent Control of both the Blade RPM and the Chip Load per Tooth.

The precision Saw Blade Spindle and heavy Duty Gear Box Reduction with powder brake removes all backlash delivering outstanding life of the saw blade. The powered Chip Brush, that is centered on both sides of the cutting tip further extends the life of the saw blade, especially when cutting pipe and stainless steel.

Secure Clamping of the work piece on both side of the saw blade, insuring maximum blade life, as well as superior surface finish. 

X-Sizer Axis:

The X-Axis will index the length or bar or tube to a precise cut length. This unit is ball screw driven and servo controlled. It travels guide rails. The sizer clamp has 3 positions to insure clean movement of the bar forward to the desired cut length. The unit also has a retract motion after each cut to insure long life of the saw blade.

45 Degree Slant Bed Approach
Massive Saw head travels on Linear Rails on 45° slant bed design. Feed rate control via AC Servo Motor & Ball Screw.
Sawblade Coolant Nozzle
6 Point Precision Blade Guides are positioned very close to the work piece. Saw Lube at cutting tip.
Magnetic Power Brake
Magnetic Power Brake removes all backlash for long blade life. Maintenance free and air cooled.
Hoirzontal & Vertical Clamping
Secure Horizontal & Vertical clamping of the work piece.
Sizer Clamp positioned via AC Servo Drive & Ball Screw
Sizer Clamp positioned via AC Servo Drive & Ball Screw. 3 Position travel part length accurately.
Heavy Duty Reduction Gear Box
Increased Saw HP with Heavy Duty Reduction Gear Box and Precision Saw Blade Spindle.
Chip Brush
Power DriveBlade Brush cleans both side of the tooth. This extends life of the blade, especially in stainless and tube applications.
PLC Control for easy set up and monitor of the cutting system:

Our PLC Logic and HMI Interface are an OPEN SYSTEM: The Mitsubishi PLC and HMI can be accessed by and communicate to other devices. The cutting job can be set up in moments by an operator. The control of the cut job is precise and can be entered directly or by using a material selection tab. The control of the saw will track the life of the saw blade in square area of metal removal & number of cuts. The unit also displays the AMP load of the saw blade. This AMP reading is an important and vital feedback to monitor saw blade performance. The PLC control also has troubleshooting capability via the HMI. Further, Pat Mooney can also provide Ethernet model for connect ability and data collection for remote service and management information.

AMP Meter
AMP Meter
HMI PLC Control
HMI PLC Control
HMI Material Grade
Jobs can also be set up via Material ICON.
Automatic Machine Lubrication:

NO GREASE FITTNG on the machine. All vital functions are lubricated automatically by a central lube system. This system is monitored for use and will shut the machine down in the event of a lube fault or if the unit runs out of oil.

Automatic Machine Lubrication
Automatic Machine Lubrication
Blade Lubrication & Monitor:

Machine is a near dry sawing unit. A micro drop metered system uses 1 to 3 drops per second to provide lubrication and long blade life. Lube is provided directly to the saw blade tip.

If Coolant level is too low, machine will fault and alert the operator.

Automatic Loading Tables and Bundle Racks

Pat Mooney Saws Designs and Builds the Load Table and Bundle Racks in our Addison, IL Plant

Bundle Racks:

Bundle Racks are available to support a 10,000 lb bundle. They can also be equipped with bundle holders to contain the bundle after the steel strapping is cut. This reduces stress on the operator when loading a bundle.

Manual Load Systems - Ideal for Service Center Projects
Manual Load System
Manual Load System
Custom Tables for Specific Customer Needs
Jernberg Custom Table
Custom Outdoor Load Table
Our load tables are the best in the business. At the base is a large weldment for strength and durability. Presenting the bar in the correct alignment is a key to blade life and productivity.
Chainloader Custom Table
Chainloader Custom Table
Outside View - Custom Table
Outside View - Custom Table
Custom Exit Systems
Part Diverter
Part Diverter

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