Explorer 1 Drilling Center

Standard Features & Equipment:

  • 3-Axis CNC Vertical Drilling Center
  • Capable of Drilling, Slotting, Milling, and Tapping
  • Y-Axis and Z-Axis Positioning is Servo Controlled with a Ball Screw
  • X-Axis Positioning is Servo Controlled with FMB’s Rotary Automatic Material Indexing System
    • Allows for pieces up to 98ft to be indexed in a single movement
    • Work up to 98ft long pieces from End to End
  • 15" Color Touchscreen Control is very Intuitive so Machine Programming is easy and simple
  • Material Table – Easy Selection of Part Dimensions
  • Tool Table – Create and Save Tools
  • Part Measurement System
    • When a part is loaded into the Explorer 1, it uses a laser to find the incoming edge of the part.
    • It then measures the height and width of the loaded piece to confirm the actual part dimensions match the programmed dimensions.
  • Mist Lubrication System includes through tool coolant
  • Remote/Offline Programming is Available

Technical Specifications:

Max Incoming Part Length – X-Axis98ft
Y-Axis Travel16-1/2"
Z-Axis Travel25-1/2"
Max Part Width17-3/4"
Min Part Width1-1/2"
Max Part Height11-7/8"
Min Part Height3/8"
Max Drilling Diameter1-1/4"
Min Drilling Diameter1/5"
X-Axis and Y-Axis Positioning Speed30 ft/min
X-Axis (material indexing speed)18 ft/min
Max Spindle Speed3,000 RPM
Spindle Power8.25 HP
Tool HolderISO 40

FMB Explorer 1 Spec Sheet Download FMB Explorer 1 - Spec Sheet