Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Sharpening

With our CNC equipment from Vollmer we ensure proper angles and regrinding are done to your saw blades every time giving you the best blade life and lowest cost per cut.

  • 3” to 33” (75mm to 840mm)

  • Ferrous metals for profiles and automotive trim saw blades

  • Non-Ferrous solid bars, tubing, profiles and extrusions

Step 1: Receive in saw blades in our in house system for tracking and inspect all have arrived

Step 2: Clean the saw blades

Step 3: Inspect the saw blades for broken teeth or chipped teeth to ensure proper grinding

Step 4: Saw Blades are then loaded onto one of our 8 CNC machines for proper regrinding

Step 5: Saw Blades are cleaned of all oils inspected for proper grinding and packaged to ensure proper shipment