Bahco 3854 King Cobra PQ

With the most aggressive rake angle in its class, the King Cobra PQ’s 17° positive rake angle allows for higher performance production cutting in some of the most challenging applications.  The PQ provides a lower cost per cut by increasing removal rates along with a patented tooth set design which allows for reduced cutting forces from the machine. From forging facilities to medical manufacturers, this blade is up to the challenge of the most demanding end-users.

3854 King Cobra PQ Tooth Geometry
3854 King Cobra PQ Tooth Geometry

Very aggressive 17° positive tooth design intended to give good penetration on difficult-to-cut material such as stainless steels, bearing steels, tool steels and special  alloys with work hardening properties.

  • PQ is a high-precision milled bandsaw blade with extreme rake angle for difficult to cut materials and special alloys
  • PQ has fatigue-resistant backing material and HSS tooth tips offer the best performance and long-life use for difficult to cut materials
  • For high productivity cutting
  • Special design combination of sharp cutting edges for easy penetration
  • 17° rake angle with patented floating set
  • Patented set levels produce a multi-chip cutting profile which reduces cutting forces and improves blade life
  • Provides greater life for users looking for high removal rates, fast cutting
  • High-performance and tool life with fatigue-resistant backing and M42 teeth
  • High precision milled blade with extreme 17° rake angle for difficult to cut materials
  • Multi-chip performance
  • 1” – 3-1/8” in a variety to tooth configurations
3854 King Cobra PQ Cut Chart