Bahco 3853 TOP Fabricator


Patented Double Set makes the teeth stronger, more resistant to tooth strippage which is common in Tube/Profile/Structural Application. Designed with an extra heavy set pattern to the tooth, this feature helps reduce the pinching of material on the blade, while also helping reduce vibration and noises consistent with cutting “I” and “H” beams and other structural materials. With a 9° positive rake angle, that also has excellent capacity for removing material the TOP Fabricator is the quality choice amongst fabricators, welders, tube/pipe supply houses.

TOP Fabricator Tooth Design
TOP Fabricator Tooth Geometry

Patented tooth design featuring a double set, which makes teeth stronger, more resistant to stripping, and provides reduced harmonics and vibration.  Designed for bundles of interrupted cutting or tubes and profiles. 

  • For cutting of structural steel, tubes and profiles
  • HSS tooth material for long tool life
  • Special PF tooth shape, reduces out of square cutting, stripped teeth, vibration, pinching consequently less broken blades
  • New, improved high speed steel tooth edge gives a combination of higher hardness and higher toughness for long tool life
  • Particularly well suited for mitre (angle) cutting
  • 5/8 TPI available for thin walled and single work pieces, as well as bundles
  • Maximum cutting performance from the specially designed tooth design
  • Long tool life thanks to the special HSS teeth
  • Well suited for mitre (angle) cutting
  • Double set makes the teeth stronger, more resistant to tooth stripping and longer lasting
  • Available with wide set for heavy structural, eliminating pinching