Bahco 3851 Cobra

Cobra Hook Tooth Geometry
Cobra Hook Tooth Geometry

When looking for a cost effective high production bandsaw blade, look no further.  Bahco’s Cobra blade has a newly improved high speed steel tooth edge giving superior combination of higher hardness and higher toughness.

Cobra Comb Tooth Geometry
Cobra Comb Tooth Geometry

Added benefits of the new high speed edge wire also reduce vibration and harmonics, less friction which generates less heat, and provides a better wear resistance to improve performance. With the ability to fit any machine and many tooth configurations, we’re sure to be able to match your needs.

  • Bandsaw blade with the most flexible solution for production cutting
  • New improved high-speed steel tooth edge gives a combination of higher hardness and higher toughness
  • Less vibrations, consequently less heat and better wear resistance
  • Geometry with variable teeth pattern mathematically formulated to maximize cutting performance
  • A superior surface finish generates less friction and vibration for improved performance
  • Precise set for smooth finish
  • Maximum cutting performance from the specially designed tooth design
  • Improved tooth material developed for challenging tasks
  • Suitable for many applications thanks to various tooth styles
  • For production cutting of medium to large sections of various materials, especially alloy and stainless steels
  • Specially designed combination of sharp cutting edges for easy penetration
Cobra 3851 - Cut Chart
Cobra 3851 - Extended Cut Chart