Bandsaw Blades

At Pat Mooney, we consider ourselves pioneers and visionaries in the metal cutting arena.  That’s one reason why we are the Midwest Weld Center for Bahco Bandsaw.  Bahco is the pioneer of the bi-metal bandsaw blade which was the first of it’s kind to meld two different types of metals together to formulate a bandsaw blade that provides superior performance and lasting life, all while increasing productivity and reducing cost-per-cut.

As a division of Snap-on, the world renown manufacturer of auto mechanics tools, Bahco, similarly has a rich and lasting history in the metal cutting world which has lent itself to Bahco being a premium bandsaw line.  Whether you’re cutting pallets, or cutting as-forged material, Bahco is sure to have the right blade for the toughest and most unique applications.

Precision Carbide Welding Milling Grinding Bandsaw Blade Teeth

With over 90 products warehoused in our Addison, IL weld center, from ¼” width bands to 3-1/8”, in any welded length, we are sure to be able to meet your needs with prompt and efficient service and delivery.

Precision Tooth SettingTooth Forming: High tech milling and grinding processes are used for precision tooth forming, enabling the production of sharper and stronger teeth.

As a market leader in carbide-tipped bandsaw blades, Bahco has the highest quality standards for carbide fusion welded tooth tips.

Tooth Setting: Using computer controlled measuring devices and camera monitoring systems, every tooth is checked for tolerance. By having a computerized system, each coil of material produced comes with its very own report card on quality.