Machine 101: Using Your PMI-20 with a Pusher

Many manufacturers choose the PMI-20 auto miter upcut saw for aluminum and nonferrous cutting because of the integrated pusher system. Using a pusher system greatly reduces set-up time and increases production rates from your upcut saw. While a length stop needs to be set on the outfeed side, a pusher system must know how far it can travel without running into the vertical clamps on the PMI-20 Auto Miter.

This can be accomplished by adjusting the software limit on a PMI-20 Auto Miter HMI. After you navigate to the appropriate page, you can change the parameter. Normally, a Pat Mooney Service Technician will set this number to be 1.5-3 inches during an install. For example, let's say you want to increase this number to ensure the pusher does not get any closer than 10 inches to the saw blade. All you need to do is change the value of this limit. To ensure this was done correctly, you should manually jog the pusher towards the saw until it reaches the newly programmed limit. If the information was entered correctly, your pusher should send you an alarm when it reaches 10 inches from the saw blade instead of the original value entered. This can be adjusted as your needs change, which is another excellent example of the versatility and customizable features found in the PMI line of upcut aluminum and nonferrous saws!

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