Nonferrous Tungsten Carbide-tipped (TCT) Sharpening

Nonferrous TCT blades are designed to cut aluminum, brass, copper, and other nonferrous metals. Because the metal is softer than ferrous materials which contain iron, the saw blade can be sharpened at least 3 times before it should be replaced.

One of our machine lines at Pat Mooney Saws is the PMI upcut saw for aluminum and other nonferrous applications. The Nishijimax high-production cold saw also comes with a nonferrous model. Partnered with a Kanefusa blade, you would be hard-pressed to find a better match for a sharpening partner.

In addition to blades for our PMI & nonferrous NHC, we also sharpen mail-in saw blades that fit top manufacturers like:
Aluminum extrusion Mills
Tsune nonferrous saws
METLSAW nonferrous saws
Scotchman nonferrous saws
KASTO nonferrous saws
Custom sawing machines for aluminum castings

Our transparent pricing for Nonferrous Tungsten Carbide-tipped (TCT) Saw Blade Sharpening depends on three factors:

  1. The size of your blade
  2. The time it spends on our machines
  3. Whether your blade is within runout tolerance

There are four key measurements to determine the kind of saw blade you’re using, they are:


The measurements of your saw blade might look like:

Diameter x Kerf x Bore x Teeth
455 x 3.4 x 25.4 x 72T
505 x 3.6 x 25.4 x 120T
610 x 4.0 x 25.4 x 72T
910 x 3.6 x 25.4 x 80T

Once we know these measurements, we then use what you’re cutting (your application) to determine the proper grind to put on your carbide-tips.

The grinds we can put on a blade include:

D-Type (Triple Chip)
BC-5 Type (Thin-walled Tube)
3DX (California Triple Chip)


Each blade is individually inspected and logged into our system by trained staff.
A secondary inspection where blades that are either too small or beyond repair are removed from your order to avoid unnecessary billing.
Cleaning to remove material build-up that naturally occurs during cutting. This ensures nothing is between the saw blade and the grinding wheel when it’s time to sharpen the blade.
When requested, we measure the runout (straightness) and hammer the blade back into the proper specification (half the diameter of the blade).
Diameter measured to ensure the robotic-assisted machines haven’t removed too much or too little material during the sharpening process.
Saw blades are then loaded onto one of our 4 Loroch machines that can hold up to 500 blades at a time. These machines can run “lights-out”, which means your blades get finished quicker.
Upon removal from the machine, they are visually inspected again by our trained staff and waxed in our signature “Pat Mooney Blue” to protect both the saw blade and the people handling the sharpened blade. They are then carefully packaged and shipped back to you via UPS.

Pat Mooney Saws has always been a family business, and we take pride in helping manufacturers of all sizes keep their saw blades in the best condition.

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Pat Mooney Saws has always been a family business, and we take pride in helping manufacturers of all sizes keep their saw blades in the best condition. Our innovation, application insight, and dedicated technical support team helps our customers maximize their sawing productivity.

Since the beginning of our company, we’ve been sharpening and regrinding blades, including:

Today we safely process, sharpen, and ship thousands of saw blades every week, keeping customers across North America cutting with an average in-house turnaround time of 48 hours!*

Every blade sharpened at our 47,000 square foot facility in Addison, IL goes through multiple inspections, and receives the highest attention to detail to ensure you consistently get an optimal result.

* In-house turnaround time varies by application and order size and does not include shipping to and from Pat Mooney Saws.