Precision Automatic Horizontal Bandsaws

At Pat Mooney Saws, we pride ourselves with the choice offered to our customers, and the partnerships we have with our machine manufacturers. In that tradition, we offer the PMI Panther automatic production bandsaw that is a perfect fit for the growing machine shop, steel service center, or production sawing house. The NC touchscreen-controlled bandsaw allows you to store programs for easy recall and lowered set up time. The PMI Panther bandsaw can handle a wide variety of steel, aluminum, and other ferrous and non-ferrous material. Available in dual column or pivot style, this versatile production bandsaw has a small footprint and includes an automatic chip conveyor and hydraulic blade tensioning. Turn your CNC machining and turning stations into a profit center by feeding them with accurate cut-to-length parts produced by a PMI Panther automatic production bandsaw.

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PMI Panther

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