Walker Forge Testimonial Video

Since 1950, Walker Forge has been forging components in Clintonville, Wisconsin for manufacturers in energy, railroad, agriculture, transportation, construction, defense, construction, and recreation. For the last 28 years, there's only one saw they've trusted to run s days a week and through cold Northern Wisconsin Winters - the Nishijimax High Production cold saw sold and […]
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Machine 101: Using Your PMI-20 with a Pusher

Many manufacturers choose the PMI-20 auto miter upcut saw for aluminum and nonferrous cutting because of the integrated pusher system. Using a pusher system greatly reduces set-up time and increases production rates from your upcut saw. While a length stop needs to be set on the outfeed side, a pusher system must know how far […]
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Saw Blade Corner: 3 Simple Steps to Change a Cold Saw Blade

Just as there are many ways to learn something, there are many ways to teach. Moreover, there are many ways in which you can teach the same information. While not definitive (feel free to reach out for training and help!) I'm sharing 3 key points to make every blade change on your cold saw a […]
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