Saw Blades and Resharpening

Types of Saw Blades

Cold Saw Blades


HSS Resharpenable Cold Saw Blades

- Promax - Cold Saw Blades for Popular Machines Blade List
- Opti-Max - High Performance Saw Blades  
- Speedmax - Non-Ferrous Cold Saw Blades Blade List
- Re-Bo - Solid Carbide Circular Saw Blades Brochure


Single-Use TA Cold Saw Blades

Our TA-Cold Saw Blades cut on average three times faster than a conventional band saw or metal saw Blade List
- Kanefusa Saw Blades Brochure


Saw Blade Coatings

- TiAin - Titanium Aluminum Nitride Provides Protection against higher temperatures During High-Speed Cutting  
- CR - Chromium Coating Resists Corrosion  
- TiN - Titanium Nitride Coating Results in Longer Service Life at Higher Cutting Speeds  

Carbide Tipped Saw Blades


Single-Use TA Cold Saw Blades

- Kanefusa Saw Blades Brochure


Aluminum Saw Blades

- Kanefusa Saw Blades Brochure


Non-Ferrous Saw Blades

Kanefusa superior design and exclusive carbide construction ensure long-lasting accuracy Brochure
- Thin Kerf Saw Blades Blade List
- Extrusion Saw Blades Blade List
- Billet Saw Blades Blade List


Ferrous Cutting Saw Blades

Ferro Max thin kerf, disposable blades Improve cutting speed and parts/hour production by 50%, and last twice as long as conventional TA cold saws. Brochure
- Kanefusa Saw Blades  

Cermet Tipped Saw Blades

Cermet Tipped  

Cermet Tipped Saw Blades

Cuts clean with high dimensional accuracy. Carbon steel and alloy steel.  
- ST-4 Saw Blades for cutting solids  
- ST-4P Saw Blades for cutting tubes  

Friction Saw Blades


High Performance Friction Saw Blades

- Special Grade Spring Steel

Blade List
- Precision Machined  
- Tooth Form Per Application  

Segmental Saw Blades


Segmental Saw Blades

- High Grade M-2 Steel, Heat-Treated to 63/65 Hardness Rc

Blade List
- Tongue and Groove Style for Perfect Fit and Easy Segment Replacement  
- Segment Securely Mounted, Providing Optimum Finish, Tool Life and Effiency  

PCD Saw Blades


Kanefusa PCD Tipped Saw Blades

Polycrystalline Diamond Tip Blades Brochure

Band Saw Blades


Colbalt Band Saw Blades

- FMB - 523 M42 Colbalt Band Saw Blades  
- FMB - 524 M42 Colbalt Band Saw Blades  
- FMB - 528 M42 Colbalt Band Saw Blades  
- FMB - 529 M42 Colbalt Band Saw Blades  






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