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Revolutionary Zone Cutting System

DANOBAT's Zone Cutting System brings CNC control to the cutting operation. This system will increase the number of parts you can produce per shift and enhance blade life. This system also allows you to standardize your cutting process, and achieve the maximum pro­ductivity and blade life, while analyzing the accuracy of each cut.

- Automatic blade break-in
- Interactive cutting deflection system
- Automatic selection of speed and feed based on material

Zone Cutting Advantages: 
- Minimum costs, maximum production
- Longer blade life
- High accuracy and high cutting quality
- Compatible with any blade brands

Danobat - Zone Cutting System


Innovative Saw Head Design
Danobat’s IntelliCut Software has brought GPS technology to a band saw machine. IntelliCut allows even an inexperienced saw operator to set the cutting parameters like a seasoned engineer. In addition, IntelliCut dramatically reduces cutting time in large diameter sawing. The result for your cutting operation is more cut parts per day with a lower blade cost per cut.

Using IntelliCut, the saw operator only needs to tell the machine the following:
- Material Grade (Select from List Stored in Memory)
- Work Piece Dimensions
- Blade Type and Pitch

That’s it, Intellicut will take over the machine and set the proper blade speed and optimum feed rate based on the information above. In addition, Danobat’s servo hydraulic valve will allow information from Intellicut to guide the saw blade through the work piece in the most efficient manner.

If sawing a large round bar, the feed rate will automatically adjust throughout the cut as follows:
- Low Feed Rate to bury the teeth in the material
- High Feed rate in the top half of the bar decelerating toward the middle of the bar
- High Feed Rate accelerating through the bottom half of the bar

If sawing a round or square tube, the feed rate will automatically adjust throughout the cut as follows:
- Low Feed Rate to bury the teeth in the cut
- High Feed Rate through the wall sections
- Lower Feed Rate to exit the tube

This will result in FASTER CUT TIMES and MORE CUTS Per Blade.
In addition, if a new blade is placed on the machine, Intellicut will break the blade in automatically based on the material grade, with NO Operator Intervention.
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