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The Danobat Story
Danobat Group has been in business for over 50 years and has been a global leader in the development of sophisticated machine tools for industry. The Group has 1200 employees and is headquartered in Elgoibar, Spain. Most recent annual sales of the Group were at $ 375 million. The Group’s business is the manufacture of machine tools. The Group’s machine tools serve the following industries; Aerospace, Railways, Capital Goods, Automotive, Wind Power, Oil and general construction and steel fabrication markets.

The Group’s range of machine tools is Milling and boring Machines; Large Turning Centers; Large and Special Grinding Machines; Punching and Bending and Sawing & Drilling. The Danobat Sawing Division was established in 1993.

Revolutionary Zone Cutting System
DANOBAT's Zone Cutting System brings CNC control to the cutting operation. This system will increase the number of parts you can produce per shift and enhance blade life. This system also allows you to standardize your cutting process, and achieve the maximum pro­ductivity and blade life, while analyzing the accuracy of each cut.  >read more

Innovative Saw Head Design
Alignment of the points of the saw head are critical to achieve accuracy and repeatability in sawing operations. With Danobat saws, the mounting plates are machined in a single set-up ensuring the most accurate alignment of any saw on the market. >read more


Masterform Tool Co.'s Productivity Doubled with Danobat
(Modern Machine Shop Article)
Common advice says that you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken, yet Masterform Tool Co. (Franklin Park, Ill.) knew that if it wanted to improve productivity, it needed to upgrade its band saws. By installing a new band saw on the shop floor, the company was able to eliminate its older machines and maximize efficiency...
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Choosing a Cold Saw?
FMB is a faster alternative to cold sawing.

FMB Mitre Band Saws combine the advantages of a circular cold saw with the speed of an abrasive saw and the capacity of a traditional band saw. Due to the cutting accuracy and squareness, large capacity, and pivoting sawhead, FMB Mitre Band Saws are ideal for a wide range of iron, steel fab and machine shops.
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High Quality Saw
Blades Can Impact Your Entire Operation

Pat Mooney has the largest selection of saw blades matched to your specific application.
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